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January 19 2020

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Vienna trial session
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January 12 2020

Hi Antifant, bitte sende uns ein paar Screenshots an team@soup.io damit wir uns das ansehen koennen.
Danke und lg, your soup.io Team

December 27 2019

Please report abuses to team@soup.io

December 18 2019

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And more from youtube with soup.io relation :-)
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Another soup.io video on youtube. Thanks Bill for the video :-)
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Found this on youtube. Thanks andrew :-)

December 13 2019

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November 29 2019

Fr 29.11.2019, 20:00 - Metaday #93

Philipp Hold: Digitalisierung der Produktion
braucht mehr als Technologie-Wissen


Wie üblich offen für alle, nach dem Hauptvortrag
folgen Lightning Talks und Chillout/Afterparty!
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November 26 2019

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October 28 2019

October 08 2019

Hi! We are working on it, this is also related to the signup problem. :)
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lol youtube works again thanks @kitchen
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June 06 2019

repost this.
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May 22 2019

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May 20 2019

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May 17 2019

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May 14 2019

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May 09 2019

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