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May 30 2014

Example client in Java now available!

Thanks to @m68k, we now feature an example client in Java! 
That's pretty awesome, you just gotta mention free Soup shirts, and suddenly, there's Soup for enterprises :))
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May 29 2014

Omniauth strategy for soup.

Thanks @l33tname for contributing!
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May 15 2014

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May 02 2014

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April 28 2014

Tasting a can of the new anti-spam

@testkitchen members (join now for great justice! you've got nothing to lose but your soup... ;) can now test-drive the new content classification buttons under each post.

The flag icon will let you choose between "spam", which means unwanted commercial content, "nsfw" which means "not safe for work" as in porn and other graphic stuff, and "illegal" which, in fact, does not mean "offensive" but "against austrian law".

Please be aware that all submissions will be reviewed, and users that don't use those flags in compliance with their designated meaning will be quietly disregarded in the future. So, don't use them as a downvote button.

If you're new to @testkitchen, you'll need to wait for about half an hour and do a shift-reload for good measure for all changes to take effect.
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April 25 2014

What makes Soup.io
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April 23 2014

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April 12 2014

Mobile apps!

Together with our friends the droids on roids, we bring you the first iteration of our mobile apps.

Right now, they are posting-only apps, but we thought it's important to get feedback as early as possible, so you can find those first steps towards a great mobile soup experience on Apple iTunes and on Google Play.

Comment to @android and @iphone to let us know of any bugs, feature requests or anything to do with the apps really!

When reviewing the apps on their store pages, please keep in mind that they are a work-in-progress and that posting capability was higher on the stack since one couldn't do that at all in a phone's browser. Or let me say it another way: don't beat on us for a missing reading capability, we're working on it :)
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April 10 2014

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>"who would want my password? It's just Soup, there's nothing important there!" Well, you got a point.
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Apr 12

Kwietniowa Zupa 2014

17:00 Level Up Pub, Jana Moliera 4/6; 00-076 Warszawa Add this event to a calendar application
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March 31 2014

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Soup Oscar selfie is best Oscar selfie.
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Selfie backstage, part 5 by awesome @ovvlsome
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March 23 2014

You can find out who posted an image on soup if you only have the URL of the image itself

Everytime someone posts an image on soup on twitter, you instantly go "Awwww, I wish I'd know who posted that!"
And rightly so. Well, now you can find out! Just replace the asset-N part in the URL with whatthepost, so for example if you have an URL like http://asset-4.soup.io/asset/2835/0348_44d6_390.png just replace the part before .soup.io with whatthepost like so: http://whatthepost.soup.io/asset/2835/0348_44d6_390.png - and you will be promptly redirected to the original post. But only if the original soup is in privacy mode public, otherwise you'll get an error.
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If you post an image that is hosted on soup, it automatically becomes a repost of the original

Like, try posting (via your bookmarklet or just by posting it from your soup) http://asset-4.soup.io/asset/2835/0348_44d6_390.png - it will automatically become a repost of http://brystol.soup.io/post/221818769/art-of-scrolling.
That way, if you post your original content on soup, and someone links to just the image on twitter, all posts of the image on soup will be reposts of yours, and not new posts!
(note: for privacy reasons, this does not work with images that are the same but have a different path on asset-x.soup.io)
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March 21 2014

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Soup-tan says BANG BANG!

Original idea from Jackghostel's artwork

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February 24 2014

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Mar 28

Marcowa Zupa 2014

17:00 Jeleń na rykowisku, Grójecka 118, Warszawa Add this event to a calendar application
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February 23 2014

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I want this by default
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February 16 2014

Current Case: Framework Update R4

Currently, we're trying to find (and fix) all remaining bugs in the soup framework upgrade (as described in this update). 
We would like to invite everyone who wants to help us find and squash bugs to join  @testkitchen, you'll automatically be added to the testing group within a few hours. 
Please report any issues you may have as a reply to this post or @testkitchen, so other users can verify the issue and we can fix it.
R4 is currently in a "mostly working" state, but if you need to log in via facebook or persona, you should not join this test (yet).
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December 16 2013

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December 14 2013

To censor^Wdelete or not to delete

Currently, there's a small discussion (I think it's still in the pre-shitstorm stage) on our twitter account about a soup with exceptionally infantile content that references even more exceptionally idiotic ideology. So infantile and idiotic in fact, that I think it's obvious that there is a (possibly) pubescent teen having some fun being "edgy".

Oh well. That would be all good and in the time that soup has been online we've received a few complaints by email that I usually answered individually with a reference to a quote by Rosa Luxemburg, as well as a link to a wikipedia article about freedom and it's various types (negative freedom vs positive freedom) to illustrate the point she tried to make.

I think I was successful in communicating that there is a benefit in letting people have their way in terms of freedom of expression because you disagree, not despite of it. But I think the success originated in being able to entertain individual arguments that were brought up.

But I can't do that on Twitter (there's that tendency to take 140 characters as plenty fuel to rage about), and I can't do that in a blanket statement about free speech, because some speech is actually infringing someone elses rights, and you can't have freedom by taking away other peoples freedom so there's that.

So, there's a difference between removing a post because it infringes on someones personal rights (which we do on request, certain selfies, personal addresses, violated kid etc), or removing a post because it infringes on someones feeling that other people should not be able to entertain a particular subject matter or idea for whatever reason. [1]

The latter is (to me) overextending a privilege at the cost of not just the personal freedom to express oneself as an idiot or "edgy" teen, but at the cost of all that ensues from a society that "ignores away" problems and people with different opionions, ideas or ways of thinking and doing things.

Google, Facebook et al already provide you with a filter bubble by default. If you want that, they might be the place for you. But mind you, those are also the places where the picture of a nursing mum is considered offensive. And let's not speak of actually sexual material.

This being said, we do have some sort of "domestic authority" what is being posted on soup, and we do limit posts in regards to copyright and abuse. We also do limit the exposure of certain soups (such as the one that the twitter discussion started with), because while we believe everybody has the right to express themselves (as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of others), we do not need to advertise everything on /everyone. And we do warn anybody visiting the soup that it may offend them. If you think that there's material that is illegal under austrian law, please take the necessary steps to have the authorities contact us about it. If it's obvious (child pornography, bestiality, actual hatespeech, calls for violence, "Wiederbetaetigung" which are all illegal here), we'll do it without an official notice, but if it's in the realm of "infantile satire", we will resort to letting everybody decide for themselves. We extend to you and ourselves the freedom (or the privilege?) of not being nannied beyond what is absolutely necessary and required by law.

On a personal note: I wish more people on soup would actually speak out on the internet and especially on soup against the shit that a lot of people are actually serious about, like the latent or sometimes obvious sexism and racism that creeps up every now and then on /everyone (I do). We can't change the minds of people by ignoring or banning them, but rather by actively showing them that it's not acceptable anymore and offering different opinions. But that is just my way of doing things, you may just as well use the "ignore" functionality on Soup.

So thank you for reading, my off the cuff remarks and chaotic thoughts on this subject, and be assured that nobody at Soup finds the content or ideology of the soup in question funny or in any way appealing. 

I do invite you to discuss this with us further, but please stay civil about it and use more than 140 characters ;)

[1] to illustrate that a bit more: the soup in question is, as said, probably an in-joke by a pubescent teen. Or an attempt at being an agent provocateur. Or it could be an anti-fascist attempt at ridiculing nazis. Or maybe it is the expression of someone who had a holocaust victim in their family and that's their way of dealing with it. Or maybe it's a very inept aryan nation recruiter - we don't know. The people making this particular soup could actually be as anti-nazi and anti-fascism as the people complaining about it - maybe they just chose different ways of expressing themselves.
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