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November 04 2013

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let's watch soup together
— late night
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September 13 2013

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August 27 2013

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August 10 2013

Twitter imports should work again...

... if you do the OAuth dance with us.

We'd appreciate feedback if there are any problems.

August 09 2013

meta name="robots" content="nofollow"?

I'm considering this for all pages to discourage spammers^W SEOs from abusing soup for their shitty "business". I wonder if that would break the experience of any desired soup users? It's not noindex, so any soup users pagerank and search engine presence should go untouched. It would however prevent soup users from attributing pagerank to other sites - and thus make pagerank fuckery with soup impossible.

Another option would be to use rel="nofollow" for every external link - which would be quite a hassle (it involves parsing html for one, and a serious game of "is this domain registered to a soup user" for seconds), and apparently, doing this wrong would get someone punished by google.

Feedback welcome. This is not a done deal. But if I'm supposed to listen to you, you should already have quality content on soup ;)
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August 04 2013

Support mailpile.is indiegogo!

Those three crazy icelanders at mailpile.is are trying to create a gmail replacement!

They seem to be pretty serious about it too, not just trying to cover the privacy side, but also attempting to offer a great user experience. 

And it's a really really good and necessary thing that someone takes on this task, so please consider either lending them a hand (it's python based) and/or supporting them financially. If you're like me, and don't want to support the credit card industry, you can send them bitcoins directly at 13z55AGS14pSPiPpMqAAFHb576tSmSmR77
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July 24 2013

July update

Just so you know

  • In case you didn't notice, soup is faster. That's because of more and faster servers. And step by step, we're implementing a more reliable setup, which should result in way less outages.
  • We shouldn't lose any images anymore
  • You can create groups again. Yes, /groups takes it's sweet while to load, but it will load, and it will let you create a new group. @hairinmy should like this one...
  • A smalltime (XSS) security hole was fixed.
  • Some other stuff I don't remember.
There will be more. Next, we'll be working to fulfill twitters new application requirements (I'm not saying they are being anal about this, but they sure are being a pain in the backend), as well as on fixing the facebook login.
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May 26 2013

There's a performance and stability upgrade coming your way...

Can't be long now. Hardware has been ordered.
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March 29 2013

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March 28 2013

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March 27 2013

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December 29 2012

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Dec 29

#29C3 Soup.io meetup

15:00 Beim Bällebad Add this event to a calendar application
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December 12 2012

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December 03 2012

must've ordered soup...
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November 21 2012

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November 19 2012

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November 09 2012

October 07 2012

Internet people

Facebook is for popular people.

MySpace is for musical people.

Twitter is for famous people.

Soup is for special people.

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September 07 2012

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