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Tasting a can of the new anti-spam

@testkitchen members (join now for great justice! you've got nothing to lose but your soup... ;) can now test-drive the new content classification buttons under each post.

The flag icon will let you choose between "spam", which means unwanted commercial content, "nsfw" which means "not safe for work" as in porn and other graphic stuff, and "illegal" which, in fact, does not mean "offensive" but "against austrian law".

Please be aware that all submissions will be reviewed, and users that don't use those flags in compliance with their designated meaning will be quietly disregarded in the future. So, don't use them as a downvote button.

If you're new to @testkitchen, you'll need to wait for about half an hour and do a shift-reload for good measure for all changes to take effect.
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