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April 15 2015

.io is the TLD for the Chagos Archipelago. 50 years ago, the UK Government deported all Chagossians. They lost all rights to their homeland, now including the valuable .io TLD. To this day, the Chagossians continue their fight for the right to return.
The Dark Side of .IO
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September 07 2014

November 04 2013

let's watch soup together
— late night
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June 22 2012

Ohne die soup.io Ausfälle der letzten Zeit, hätte ich das Semester wohl nicht geschafft :-)
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May 26 2012

In a parallel universe one can pay € 5,- per month and get a stable soup.io.
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December 28 2011

People of soup.io, I need your help. yesterday I've seen great picture, nude portrait, woman after mastectomy (removed breast) was holding a baby on her hands.

My mom is after cancer treatment and I want to show her this picture. I don't know why I didn't repost it, but now I cant find it. Please help
— omnipotence-ltd
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October 29 2011

Haben sie irgendwelche Sicherheiten?" "Nun ja, ich habe eine relativ populäre Soup
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October 06 2011

Soup hat mir eine falsche Vorstellung von 5 Minuten vermittelt.
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October 04 2011

"zum scrollen und lollen" ^^
Twitter / @ekelias
malaclypse: "@ekelias ist das der neue soup-slogan? :)"
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July 16 2011

die suppe hab ich mir eingebrockt die muss ich jetz aus durchscrollen!
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July 04 2011

’Cause she’s a souper girl, and souper girls just scroll …
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December 31 2010

scroll, scroll, scroll the soup, gently down the stream...
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October 27 2010

<Xach> antifuchs: i found myself sitting behind an austrian in reno

<Xach> i could tell because he was updating his soup during the keynote

— #quicklisp. @feedback (-:
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October 19 2010

<Anon> die sind hier alle suppensuechtig im club
<Anon> klicken den ganzen tag wie die zombies dadurch
— overread in the electronic living room
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July 25 2010

Waiter! There's an Internal Server Error in my #soup.io
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May 30 2010

Most traffic [at the Euruko conference] is *.soup.io
Twitter / Marcin Nowicki
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April 21 2010

Da versuche ich gerade mein Referat über Soup.io für meine Web 2.0 VU zu schreiben, und...
Aus den Kommentaren von Post von Strache | Hochitom's Weblog
Referate sind noch um einiges cooler als Zeitungsberichte.
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March 26 2010

Gawkk at myspace & stumbleupon facebook while tweeting your love of del.ici.ous soup.io? We want to hear from you.
Job ad for a Social Media Intern

March 10 2010

Soup: Veni, vidi, velcro.
"I came, I saw, I stuck around."
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January 11 2010

Oh the powers of soup.io, the graces of tumblr! Many a sleepless nights we spend together, cruising, preparing – for the day when all known monetary systems will collapse and the dollar will be replaced by funny pictures.
2009 in funny pictures | a binary life
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