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May 31 2008

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Custom CSS showcase: Marta Preuss' Soup demonstrates how a small CSS change, adding a background image, can have a big impact.

body { background-image: url('http://...'); }
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May 28 2008


Commenting far too complicated

"I want to leave a comment, but this is an overwhelming form."
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May 21 2008

"The seeming advantages (in terms of message growth potential) for Twitter didn't result in higher message growth than Blogger over the first 9-10 months. But then the social and network effects kicked in and Twitter took off."Jason Kottke

Soup is currently at around 180 days and 160,000 posts since our launch. This would seem to put us above both Blogger and Twitter at that time, although it's hard to tell due to the graph's resolution.
That's not counting feed imports, though. Including those, our graph would be much, much higher already at the same mark.

One shouldn't confuse message counts with active user numbers (that nobody seems to be sharing), though: The steepness of the various curves is not (just) a measure of success, it rather reflects the style of the medium.

It's going to be fun to compare our post growth curve again in a few more months. See also: Our tongue-in-cheek posts-per-user comparison with Wordpress.com.
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May 20 2008

 Make your own personalized keyboard
What would your custom heys say? Tweet this? Delet all facebook app requests? Add to Friendfeed?

Use this magic button and tweet me an answer
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May 18 2008

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Whoa, we're #2 now. Take that, Campbell's.
Need to work on that excerpt, though.
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May 15 2008

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May 14 2008


May 13 2008



A disappointingly un-REST-ful way to associate URLs (eg. Flickr's photo overview page) with multimedia objects (eg. the image URL itself)

Share Partners | Facebook

Meta and Link tags to assist Facebook's bookmarklet (point out multimedia content, for example). Maybe worth parsing?

May 12 2008

Es klingt nur so, als habe [tumblelogging] etwas mit “tumb” zu tun, ist in Wahrheit aber Bloggen auf Speed, Weblog für die mit der kurzen Aufmerksamkeitsspanne. ...
Dort fliegen die Netzfetzen. Weitgehend unbeobachtet, wie mir die Trackerzahlen verraten, aber spannender, weil schneller, roher, direkter.
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May 10 2008

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May 08 2008


Facebook Profile Redesign - Detailed Specs & First Impressions

Feed and Wall are being merged, apparently? The result might be somewhat tumbleloggish, will have to wait and see.
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May 05 2008


Somebody set up us the bomb!

Last weekend, Soup was the target of a cross-site scripting exploit in the form of a JavaScript worm: Someone managed to include some code in a post that caused it to be automatically reposted when viewed. Although the script did manage to spread to around 240 Soups, no data was lost and no private information exposed: The only effect was the temporary addition of a promotional link to the Soup interface.

We usually filter JavaScript quite thoroughly wherever posts from several people are mixed. In this case however, the author got lucky: A previously undiscovered caching screwup allowed certain posts to slip through unfiltered.

As soon as we noticed the issue, we blocked the user in question and removed all the phantom reposts. The underlying bug was found and fixed the next day.

While we'd obviously much prefer a friendlier way of being made aware of such issues, we're glad we were able to fix a security hole. We're quite embarrassed about the bug that caused it, and resolve to prevent something like this from reoccurring.

Most Popular Web Apps on FriendFeed

90% of FriendFeed participation comes from the top 8 services: Twitter, Blog, Google Reader, del.icio.us, Digg, Tumblr, YouTube, StumbleUpon
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Twitter usage according to ReadWriteWeb:
Website: ~55%
Desktop clients, including IM: ~35%
Mobile: 5%
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May 02 2008

Something needs to be done to either make lifestreaming and aggregation not only accessible to the newbs, but useful. ...
Unless these tools can start to fill the needs of the mainstream, as opposed to the needs of the bleeding edge, they will continue to remain the utilities of the news junkies and the professional bloggers.
Mashable: Will Aggregation Ever Go Mainstream?
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Rails100 wiki

Top 100 Rails-powered sites according to (flawed) Alexa stats. Soup is at #83 currently.
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April 29 2008


The vanishing personal site

Jeffrey Zeldman
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