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July 21 2016

Yes, in fact, that is possible. You can either post the product url in a review (if you know it's a good product, mention @kitchen so we can put it in our rotation, maybe you can even write a few words about it?) embed field and it will automatically get the embed & tag.

If you don't want to post it at all, you can use http://soembed.phoria.eu/embed?data= and add the url after the =, it will yield the embed code we use.

Also, clicking on one of our amazon ads before ordering will tag you "for us" for all your next order in the following 24 hours.
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April 25 2016

Copyright trolls are everywhere...

we've just received a copyright claim by "Kahn & Associes, Harlay Avocats 24, rue Georges Bizet 75116 Paris" - which is so full of mistakes, assumptions and baseless threats that I assume it's a copyright troll.

If you get a letter from them, please let me know via team@soup.io, maybe we can establish a pattern that shows their "conduct".
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December 30 2015

reSoup - pause soup while real life needs your attention.

check out my Chrome Extension for soup.io!
While you scroll, reSoup keeps your page history referring to the post you just scrolled past.  When you reopen the page from it's url at a later time, you can continue where you left of.
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December 28 2015

Gerechtfertigte Kritik. Taugt uns auch nicht, war aber der einzige Haendler den wir weltweit anbieten koennen und bei dem auch wirklich gekauft wird (sonst bekommen wir ja keine Kohle von az).

Aber gut dass Du mit dem Post konsequenterweise auch gleich ein Soup ●UP Abo geholt hast, mit dem wir versuchen, (zumindest teilweise) unabhaengig von Werbung zu werden.

Irgendwie muessen wir auch die Fixkosten bezahlen. Und da sind wir leider mit den UP subscriptions nicht so weit wie wir das gern haetten. (Statistik kommt bald)
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December 24 2015

The link soup

This group is all about providing sources to other peoples posts. It is supposed to answer the question of "Where is that from?".
The basic idea is, if you have you see a post and ask yourself that question, you go to the original post and see, if you are lucky, a "Reaction by linkage", and know that this is probably be what you are looking for. If there isn't, but can find the source, you can post it to the link soup, instead of the comment soup.

What can be posted?
Either a link, or a text description of the source if it is not an online resource (books, tv shows, etc).
When posting, you can also quote part of the source, if you feel that it was misrepresented in the original post, but please try not to judge or comment on the source itself.
Video links may be embedded directly.
We encourage to post using descriptive titles, not just "src", so the link soup also be used independently as a standalone soup.
Thanks @sofias for pushing me to finally write this introductory post, even if it is a bit late.
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December 19 2015

Q: How do you find out which users can't be trusted with their spam/nsfw/illegal reports?

A: Let them tell you themselves! Put legitimate ads on the platform, forget to disable the flagging and see who's trying to be a shithead.
— sigh. Also, reviewing those "reports" eats a lot of extra time I could spend coding. Luckily, we have a perma-ignore for those ... specialists.
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December 17 2015

@kitchen: I would have never guessed I would ever share an mandatory ad... and yet, here we are...
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December 16 2015

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Seit 2008/2009 ist soup.io die eine Seite, die ich wirklich täglich besuche. Verrückt, ich weiß. Aber für etwas, das man täglich nutzt, kann man auch schon mal 35 Euro/Jahr ausgeben. Zumal Werbung doof ist. @kitchen
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December 14 2015

my little porny, ads are magic.
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December 04 2015

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November 15 2015

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October 21 2015

I'll pass on the PR, I'm now fighting the jobs market and educating myself further when it comes to programming. Who knows, maybe in the future I'll be writing code for you :)

I'm broke, but I'm supporting soup in an another way - recently I've created a simple night mode extension: https://userstyles.org/styles/119889/soup-io-nightmode
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September 09 2015

Bookmarklet for clearing your ignore-list.

Gargamel and the NSFW-settings made pretty much my entire ignore-list obsolete. However, cleaning it up is very tedious, since the page reloads every time. This bookmarklet solves this problem: Just drag it into your bookmarks, go to http://www.soup.io/everyone, expand the "ignored"-list, add click on the bookmark. If your list is very long, it might take some time, but it will reload the page if it is done.
@kitchen Creating this caused a few faulty requests to the servers, I hope you forgive me for that. The bookmarklet itself only launches one request at a time, so it shouldn't cause trouble.
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September 07 2015

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"give us money and we'll fix everything, really!"
~soup team, 2015
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September 04 2015

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so this is my first post on soup let's see what happens
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I'm at Soup!
— Brown Haired Anime Guy in this video https://youtu.be/FAUnDDTz30k
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July 30 2015

Stew is here!

I've just released the first public version of Stew - a simple soup.io app to the Android Play Store. First set of features include viewing image posts (including gifs), and reposting.
I'm planning to add further functionality, like creating posts, viewing other users' soups, etc.
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May 18 2015

April 29 2015

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Was ist Soup.io?
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April 15 2015

.io is the TLD for the Chagos Archipelago. 50 years ago, the UK Government deported all Chagossians. They lost all rights to their homeland, now including the valuable .io TLD. To this day, the Chagossians continue their fight for the right to return.
The Dark Side of .IO
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