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September 15 2014

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Stop for Soup
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September 07 2014

Hallo sev!
— Soup

June 21 2014

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I tried the new Soup app on my phone after Soupper failed (cuz i cant seem to log in anymore). This one has better n simpler interface compared to Soupper, and LOTS OF RED. Come on, who doesnt love red hot soup? @android
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June 09 2014

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June 08 2014

You can scroll soup with your keyboard

You can use the keys J and K to navigate any streams; J brings you to the next post and K to the previous one.

For very long posts you can jump to the top/bottom using shift-J and shift-K.
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June 01 2014

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May 30 2014

Soup API example clients and API documentation

Currently, we're providing work-in-progress documentation, endpoints and example clients for a minimal RESTful API - feel free to comment on github, send us bug reports or pull requests!
We value any contribution and may thank you with a Soup shirt ;)
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Example client in Java now available!

Thanks to @m68k, we now feature an example client in Java! 
That's pretty awesome, you just gotta mention free Soup shirts, and suddenly, there's Soup for enterprises :))
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May 29 2014

Omniauth strategy for soup.

Thanks @l33tname for contributing!
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May 15 2014

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May 02 2014

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April 28 2014

Tasting a can of the new anti-spam

@testkitchen members (join now for great justice! you've got nothing to lose but your soup... ;) can now test-drive the new content classification buttons under each post.

The flag icon will let you choose between "spam", which means unwanted commercial content, "nsfw" which means "not safe for work" as in porn and other graphic stuff, and "illegal" which, in fact, does not mean "offensive" but "against austrian law".

Please be aware that all submissions will be reviewed, and users that don't use those flags in compliance with their designated meaning will be quietly disregarded in the future. So, don't use them as a downvote button.

If you're new to @testkitchen, you'll need to wait for about half an hour and do a shift-reload for good measure for all changes to take effect.
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April 25 2014

What makes Soup.io
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April 23 2014

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April 12 2014

Mobile apps!

Together with our friends the droids on roids, we bring you the first iteration of our mobile apps.

Right now, they are posting-only apps, but we thought it's important to get feedback as early as possible, so you can find those first steps towards a great mobile soup experience on Apple iTunes and on Google Play.

Comment to @android and @iphone to let us know of any bugs, feature requests or anything to do with the apps really!

When reviewing the apps on their store pages, please keep in mind that they are a work-in-progress and that posting capability was higher on the stack since one couldn't do that at all in a phone's browser. Or let me say it another way: don't beat on us for a missing reading capability, we're working on it :)
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April 10 2014

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>"who would want my password? It's just Soup, there's nothing important there!" Well, you got a point.
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Apr 12

Kwietniowa Zupa 2014

17:00 Level Up Pub, Jana Moliera 4/6; 00-076 Warszawa Add this event to a calendar application
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March 31 2014

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Soup Oscar selfie is best Oscar selfie.
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Selfie backstage, part 5 by awesome @ovvlsome
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March 23 2014

You can find out who posted an image on soup if you only have the URL of the image itself

Everytime someone posts an image on soup on twitter, you instantly go "Awwww, I wish I'd know who posted that!"
And rightly so. Well, now you can find out! Just replace the asset-N part in the URL with whatthepost, so for example if you have an URL like http://asset-4.soup.io/asset/2835/0348_44d6_390.png just replace the part before .soup.io with whatthepost like so: http://whatthepost.soup.io/asset/2835/0348_44d6_390.png - and you will be promptly redirected to the original post. But only if the original soup is in privacy mode public, otherwise you'll get an error.
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